cover-pic-1Hi everyone, thank you for visiting the Classic Hearse Register’s website, please feel free to have a look around in the above areas and let us know your thoughts; we hope you enjoy it and the fact you are here reading this hopefully points to you having an interest in these lovely, majestic vehicles. Naturally this site is devoted to the British funeral car, the styling of which is in general long, tall and with huge side windows and in most cases the bearers ride inside with the coffin, how British!

Why the interest you may ask? You have to look past their original sombre funereal purpose to what lies beneath; the stylish coachbuilt bodywork, the ornate chrome flower rails and filigree, the polished wood of the deck and the distinctive Black paintwork. These beautiful, ignored vehicles have been around since transport began and always will be and whether at a show or in the street, they demand attention and respect but remember, love them or loathe them you will one day ride in one!


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